Did Ya’ll Catch Naomi Osaka on The Steve Harvey Show?

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Japanese-Haitian tennis champion Naomi Osaka made a stop this week on the Steve Harvey Show after winning $2.8 million at the US Open earlier this month. Naomi wore a ruffled white top and a black skirt, and her blonde-streaked hair in a cascading curls style. Throughout the interview, Naomi maintained the bubbly and humble personality that has won her fans around the world.
Japanese-Haitian Naomi Osaka
One of the light moments of the interview was when the TV host asked the tennis prodigy about her father’s pride in her accomplishments. With a wide grin on her face, Osaka said: “To be honest, it felt better coming from Serena.”

Naomi was also asked about her reaction about her win, to which she replied that she was, “Really happy. Because she [Serena Williams] said some nice stuff to me. She gave me a hug. I’ve always wanted to hug her. I know that sounds weird. For her to even acknowledge my existence…

Harvey did not hold back on his praise of Naomi. “What you did was really outstanding,” said the veteran comedian-actor-host. “You deserve to be touted for that.”

Naomi’s appearance on Harvey’s show marks one of several media stops she’s made since winning the US Open against her hero Serena Williams. She was by Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen Show. Vera Papisova of Teen Vogue also interviewed her on the tennis court. Good Morning America to “Good Morning America” regarding her historic win.

You can watch the segment with Steve Harvey below.

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