10 Top Haitian Male Artists Based in Haiti

1. Wanito

Artist Rundown: Like an alarm clock that goes off every fifteen minutes, Wanito is tangible reminder that Haiti’s got talent, baby. Handy on the guitar, keen with the lyrics, and the melodies, this one-time PeaceTones Awards Winner impresses endlessly with his talent, his musical vision, and artistic prowess. No wonder he recently won the Best Caribbean Artist prize from the African Entertainment Awards this year.

You’ll Like His Music If You Like: Niall Horan, John Legend, Bryson Tiller, Jonas Blue, Ne-Yo


Artist Rundown: OGUN takes charm and vulnerability to the streets in several of his songs. For songs like “We Will Rise”, the artist sermonizes on the importance of faith, and bouncing back following earth-shattering tragedies, while with songs like “Strip Tease” ooze with sensuality. He’s not above exposing his sensitive side, and he does so in songs like “Cherie, M’Adore’w” (Bae, I Love You).

You’ll Like His Music If You Like: Meek Mill, Jidenna, Casey Veggies, Kent Jones, Jazz Cartier

3. Mikaben

Artist Rundown: A singer-songwriter-producer and record label helmer, singer Mikaben-–alias Mika Benjamin—has an eclectic style that commands multiple listens. From the undeniably poetic (Haiti Is…), the crowning glory of his career thus far, to idealistic ballads like “Sonje”, “Yon Ti Chans”, “S’im Te Gen Zèl” (If I Had Wings), to uptempo tracks such as “Ti Pa’M Nan”, this artist never ceases to impact and impress. A lucrative and career-boosting deal with Warner Music France late this summer will surely take him to new stratospheres.

You’ll Like His Music If You Like: Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Justin Beiber, Romeo Santos

4. BIC

Artist Rundown: Here’s an artist who looks out of life’s window, and writes the realities he sees. From the trash in Port-au-Prince’s slums, , the declining of family values on the island, to near non-existent healthcare, BIC preaches about them all. The artist has performed in Haiti as well as Romania, and Armenia but Haiti is always on his mind. His wordplay with the Haitian Creole language, especially on songs like “Port-au-Prince”, and Lè’M Wè’W”, and is nothing short of genius.

You’ll Like His Music If You Like: Common, Talib Kweli, Will.i.am, Wale

5. Jean-Jean Roosevelt

Artist Rundown: Sometimes he gets on stages in Port-au-Prince, sometimes he performs at festivals in Switzerland, or perhaps at the L’Aula in Oslo, Norway, but wherever he goes, this artist brings his brand of social engagement with him, along with his guitar. His environmental anthem “J’ai Coeur Ma Planète” (My Planet) draws attention to eco-causes in his native Port-au-Prince, while in “Pinga” (Dare Not), he exhorts all to live their best life.

You’ll Like His Music If You Like: Earl St. Clair, John Legend, Shi Wisdom, August Rigo

6. JPerry

Artist Rundown: There might be that you can listen to without rising up from your seat, but there aren’t that many. From , to “Enjoy” to “Anyway”, (Babbling), this prince of moves and grooves has made a career out of making hips sway, heads bob and nod, legs hopping, and fingers tapping. The Baoli Records artist has also demonstrated business sense, having signed a licensing partnership with fitness giant Zumba Enterprises.
You’ll Like His Music If You Like: Bruno Mars, Pitbull, Mark Ronson

7. Izolan
Artist Rundown: Just type Haiti hip-hop in a search engine, and this fella will most likely be the first person who pops up in the top results. It’s not a coincidence, it’s organic popularity. This rapper has his ear plugged in to Haiti’s streets. Whether he’s collaborating with artists like Niska, or Princess Eud, or spitting his rhymes stand-alone-style, this MC delivers life in Haiti raw on wax.

You’ll Like His Music If You Like: IZOLAN ON YOUTUBE| | | |

8. Belo
Artist Rundown: There are socially-conscious artists and then there’s Belo. His reggae-inflected ballad “Dlo”, recounts how a father maintains his integrity, and chooses to be oblivious to shady paths to bring food to the table. But the difficulty of a father to make a living isn’t the only subject he examines in his songs. There’s “Istwa Dwòl” (Odd Tale), where he sings about the continued exodus of Haiti’s youths to what they suppose are greener pastures. And when he sings about love as he does on “Claudette” and “Kachiman”, Belo’s voice captures all the authenticity of non-story-book love with his organic world-reggae-soul brand.

You’ll Like His Music If You Like: Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Black Eyed Peas, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton, Hozier

9. Freedom
Artist Rundown: You know your power and influence as an artist is mountain-solid, when your was uploaded online more than ten years ago, and folks are still talking about it, singing to it, jamming to it, referencing it, as if you had released it yesterday. Well, that’s the aura that envelops rapper Christopher “Freedom” Laroche, who raps over a beat blend of gospel, hip-hop, and roots. He’s the hip-hop griot who communicates in Creole in songs like “Manman”, “Vizyon”, ““, and “Bwa Kayiman”. Based in Cap Haitien, he occasionally travels to Los Angeles to man the deal he signed with Universal Records.


10. Mandela
Artist Rundown: His name brings to mind a historical figure in South Africa’s history, his music makes one think of the savannas of West Africa, the songs the African newcomers to colonial Saint-Domingue may have crooned while working on vast sugar fields. In any case, Mandela sings with passion, conviction on songs like “Cindy”, and he’s just getting things rolling.

You’ll Like His Music If You Like: Zak Abel, Raleigh Ritchie, Vicktor Taiwo

There you have it, folks, 10 Haitian Male Artists Based in Haiti you should be listening to, curated by your favorite chick Kreyolicious!

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