Filmmaker Etant Dupain Explores Feminine Condition in Haiti With Film Madan Sara, Part II

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The conversation with filmmaker Etant Dupain continues! Dupain wrote, directed and produced the film Madan Sara to pay tribute to Haiti’s women, whom he considers the backbone of Haiti’s economy.
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Kreyolicious: Do you think it’s important to study film in a formal setting?
Etant Dupain: I think it’s important to study any topic you want to explore in the future and make a career of. In my case, I did not study film per say, but as a producer I have produced countless documentary films in the last eight years. I believe I have enough knowledge to produce and direct documentaries, but I am not stopping there. I have recently been accepted to the New York Film Academy to study documentary filmmaking. I want to learn more and make film all over the world, not just in Haiti. I should be able to start in September, but I need $33k for the first year. I am looking for that money. [Laughter]

Kreyolicious: Are there filmmakers whom you are influenced by?
Etant Dupain: I like Raoul Peck, Michael Moore, Yann Arthus-Bertrand and specially my mentor, Reed Lindsay who introduced me to journalism and film [when] I was in high school.

Kreyolicious: What if you could only watch four films for the rest of your life? What would they be?
Etant Dupain: I love Yann Arthus-Bertrand and almost all of his documentaries. I love Zeitgeist, the movie. Capitalism, ALove Story and for fun, Crazy Stupid Love.

Kreyolicious: Are there things you wish you had done differently with your film?
Etant Dupain: I am still shooting the film, I am not done yet. When the film is over I will come back to you and maybe show it to you for a longer review. I encourage you to watch our trailer, and join us to make this project a reality. In Haiti, there’s no real support for a project like Madan Sara, but I am determined to get it done. Madan Sara will be a longer project, not just a film because much more has to be done to achieve the final goal of equality and women’s emancipation.

Kreyolicious: Where to next?
Etant Dupain: I am currently working with some filmmakers in the US to try to produce Haitian content for Netflix or other US giants. The way most of the international press portrays Haiti is unfair and racist at some level. We need to step up our game and also do better, not to put filter on our reality but instead to show the whole story. Because in the end, Haiti has the most beautiful history in the world. From Vodou, to water falls we have much more to offer, but at the same time we need serious leaders to lead the war for a new generation.

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