Sacred Beauty By Kristelle On Life As A Stylist and Fashionista

Makeup, healthy eating, styling and fashion—Kristelle Jean-Pierre loved them all! The very idea of abandoning one for the other just didn’t seem right. So, she founded Sacred Beauty By Kristelle, a venture that combines her love for makeup, her predilection for healthy eating, and her love for fashion.

One glance at her, and you know she practices what she preaches to her mostly-female clientele. Her skin is flawless, and her sense of style is of high-fashion magazine caliber. Your girl Kreyolicious talked to this impressive entrepreneur. Follow along as she share her thoughts. If you’re an aspiring or established beauty entrepreneur, you might have a lot in common with her.

Kreyolicious: How did you get involved in styling, initially?
I have been styling and doing hair since [I was] a little girl. I’ve been doing it professionally for over four years now. It started really in 2011 when I felt my heart calling me to enroll into beauty school. My experience in beauty school helped me to gain the tools and certification to be able continue to live my dream of becoming a holistic beautician and entrepreneur.

I own my own business as a private beauty consultant offering a variety of beauty services to mostly bridal and special events! My mission is to help women honor their inner beauty through hair care, relaxation and pampering. I believe we all are royalty and should always feel like that!

Kreyolicious: A lot of times a person will be given a makeover one day, and then, they’ll let themselves go. What advice do you have in terms of maintaining a look?
A makeover just enhances the beauty that is already within! It’s only right to continue maintaining that good feeling. My advice [is that] you can still maintain the feeling even if you don’t go all out and [continue] wearing make up. It’s good practice to just go with what feels right: lip stick, some eyeliner and a favorite outfit to make your day. This can make a big difference on you [regarding] your day. I know this first-hand. When you’re looking and feeling good, no one can mess up your day. It is an essential part of our self-worth and confidence.

Kreyolicious: ​ I have seen your work on Instagram. How do you keep up with the latest styles and techniques.
I am brilliant at creating up-dos and various hairstyles with all hair hair types. I enjoy the creative process of creating my own hairstyle or breaking down a style my client requests. I instinctively can look at a hairstyle and in my mind break down how it was achieved. For when my clients come to me with an up-do, or a style they like, I enjoy the process of just figuring it out. The end result is a similar hairstyle with my unique touch to it!

Some styles I may need to take a class or online video tutorial to understand. That is when I will take a private class or attend a workshops at trade shows, to continue learning and growing!
When it comes to fashion, I am brilliant at helping ladies find a hairstyle to match the outfit. Sometimes, we [may] find a nice gown or day wear and [client’s] hairstyle may not go with the outfit.

Kreyolicious: Do you think the penchant for natural hair has hurt or helped the beauty industry in general?
It promotes positive self-image because it helps mostly women of color and little girls see their hair as beautiful too. For in the media and magazines, mostly straight or hair extensions are promoted more. Our natural hair can do the same. With the proper care and treatment, our natural hair can be straightened, twisted or blown out for nice up-dos and more. Helping us to embrace our true beauty and power.

I know how the media can influence a person’s perception of beauty. I used to be that woman, until I went through to my beauty transformation. Now, I understand I can wear any style, as long as there is a balance and my hair is taken care of first.

My beauty experience helped me to embrace all of me and be my authentic self! This is why I want to contribute to this growing beauty industry, to help all women—especially women of color—continue to embrace their natural beauty, and be their authentic selves!

Kreyolicious: Who are your style heroes?
I truly love to see women wearing different hairstyles and trying fun colors. As far as celebrities, I love Solange, India Arie, Pink, Erykah Badu and Oprah. All of these strong women in the spotlight who are not afraid to wear their hair any way they feel, and be authentically themselves! Also, my reality style heroes are the queens I see everyday wearing their own unique styles [who] are not afraid to try a different look, hair color or outfits. It reminds me of our true beauty and power. To be able to play with our hair and style it however way we feel—that is freedom to me!

Kreyolicious: Are there some products that you can’t do without?
Yes, there are a couple of items. One is my Shea butter by Afrigenix for hair and skin butter. It keeps hair moisturized especially when doing protected styles. My essential oils lavender and rosemary oil for when I do my hair therapy. These are staples I can’t leave without!

Above: Kristelle Jean-Pierre. Photo Credit: Michelle Wild Studio

Kreyolicious: Being into style entrepreneurship ​has its ups and downs…​how do you tackle the difficult moments?
The difficult moments as an entrepreneur is a learning experience! Now, I’m seeing life from a different perspective. If there is no struggle or challenge then I’m not growing. I love to learn and explore. So now, When I’m going [through] a difficult moment, I use it as motivation to get to my next level! I take time to retreat, meditate, and pray to get clarity before taking action. I find taking time to just be the observer helps me focus on the lesson [at hand] and move forward.

Kreyolicious: Do you count your parents as your biggest supporters?
I do now. For they allowed me a space to learn and grow and become the wonderful woman I am today. My parents did their best raising us. However, they were not very supportive of my dream to be a hairstylist at a very young age. Although my father said no, my grandmother who raised my sisters and I, encouraged us to complete our education first. She said once we get our degree, we [could do] anything else we liked. So I did just that! I continued my education in my other passion in nutrition. I received my Bachelor’s in Food and Science. Being a nutritionist, I also am passionate about helping people make positive life changes and create healthy habits. As I look back now, I’m happy things went the way they did. The knowledge and experience I [gained] in college prepared me for beauty school and more! So, I took it all one step at a time.

Kreyolicious: How do you stay connected with Haitian culture?
I stayed connected by listening to Haitian music, supporting Haitian events and like-minded entrepreneurs/people who are involved in the community. I have not been to Haiti since I left as little girl. However, I do plan to go back soon, to give back and get to know my birth place. My family and I moved to New York when I was five.

Kreyolicious: What advice would you like to give to those who’d like to be in your industry?
“To thrive in this industry you need patience, dedication, imagination and inspiration”. This is what keeps me going, a quote my beauty school instructor gave us one day and I live by it. My advice is to have patience with yourself, keep the vision alive by feeding it with the things you enjoy and stay determine despite life’s up and downs. So do not give up and Before you know your dreams will come true!

[Main Photo Credit: Scarlett Metellus]


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