Haitian Celebs and Other Concerned Haitians Launch Social Media PetroCaribe Challenge + Planning Protest March Tomorrow

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Hundreds are planning to march in Port-au-Prince, Haiti tomorrow August 24th to protest missing and mishandled funds from PetroCaribe.
Haiti Petrocaribe challenge
What is PetroCaribe?

Simply put, it’s .

According to a , Petro Caribe was launched in 2005 as part of an initiative by the Venezuelan government to several developing countries, including Haiti. As part of the program, Haiti (like other receipient countries) was given oil supply on credit. The island paid for shipment of the oil, but the price of the oil itself was to be paid back to Venezuela over the course of twenty-five years. According to the terms of PetroCaribe, recipient countries are to use the savings they accumulate from getting the discounted oil on educational and other developmental programs.

By early 2015, there owed Venezuela from the loan.

In late 2017, Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles , in which it was revealed that from 2008-2016, funds were retrieved from PetroCaribe to finance projects—many of which never saw the light of day. The created a wave of concern on social media, but the controversy abated until it was resurrected on the digital space.
Haiti Petrocaribe Challenge
Earlier this week, a Haitian artist who goes by the name K-liber and a filmmaker named Gilbert Mirambeau Jr., created a post on social media with the words “Where Did the PetroCaribe Money Go” scrawled in Haitian Creole. Eventually, several other Haitian celebs and notables followed suit, including “everyday” citizens of Haiti.
Haiti Petrocaribe Challenge Haitian Petrocaribe
Above: Screenwriter Gilbert Mirambeau Jr., among Haitian notables demanding answers about PetroCaribe funds.

What started as a simple question turned into a viral movement in less than a week on Haitian Twitter, and exploded simultaneously on Facebook, and Instagram.

Now, the movement is moving off-line. Residents of Port-au-Prince have posted photos of banners floating through many of Haiti’s streets, publicizing the protest for this Friday.

Stay tuned.

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