You Checked Out This Cover of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect From Singer Olivier Duret Yet?

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Song Review: Olivier Duret Perfect, Featuring Marvin B

Singer-songwriter Olivier Duret, a former member of the group T-Vice and leader of the band Dat7, has released a cover version of Ed Sheeran.
Ed Sheeran Olivier Duret Perfect Cover

In the video of the song, the director Ketlain Difficile switches from the intimacy of a music studio and a rock-laden beach to convey the serenity and inner peace that comes with having that perfect love. In the studio scenes, Duret faces the camera with an air of joviality. The shots from the isolated beach are mostly long shots, some medium shots, and some drone captures thrown in.

Duret’s cover is decidedly very island, complete with konpa inflections, and a slight touch of other Caribbean forms such kizonmba and zouk. When a song is as popular and ubiquitous as Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” has been, performing a cover might seem intimidating. But Duret takes control with confidence, adding some danceable aura to his version of the track.

The cover starts to really come into its own at the 1:44 mark. Duret’s style comes alive at that moment. Even his voice becomes more animated. I really like the Haitian Creole lyrics. They defy the idea of “Perfect”, as projected by the original lyrics of the song. The concept of a “fanm vanyan”, a woman of backbone, strength, courage is the dream of every man. A woman, who, as Duret points out, helps a man nurture his dreams.

Although, it’s a cover, by the end of the last couple of minutes of the song, it’s apparent that Duret has clearly created a song of his own, with lyrics celebrating the ideal woman, the woman who thoroughly has her man’s back. She even looks flawless without makeup! Well, what a woman!

This isn’t the first time the singer has added his own flavor to a popular mainstream song. He recorded .

Check out the video of Olivier Duret’s “Perfect” below.

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