Haiti’s Rhum Barbancourt On Board

Rhum Barbancourt Kreyolicious in Memoriam

Haiti’s very own Rhum Barbancourt will be making its presence known at the 2015 South Beach Food and Wine Festival being held in Miami Beach from February 19-22, presented by the Food Channel. If you’re based in MIA, be sure to show your support! Barbancourt is even one of the bronze sponsors of the festival, and you know they had to shell out big-time money for that honor.

According to the brand, it was created in the 1860s, and has been kept alive for a century and a half and counting. That’s one strong legacy, and it’s definitely worth supporting in any way you can. Now, I’m not asking you to become an alcoholic or anything, I myself am not big on drinking, but you can buy it for other purposes.

Not a drinker? Well, maybe you can buy it and use it to condition your hair. I read somewhere that you can use rum to naturally highlight your hair, and Rhum Barbancourt is the best of the best, and you are sure to get some fab highlights for your mane. Plus, according to some studies, there is a lower risk for coronary heart disease among those who occasionally take a sip of rum. So, there you have it, a win-win situation!

So, hooray for Barbancourt, Haiti’s very own brand of award-winning and world-renowned rum! Show your support by purchasing a bottle or two, whether you’re a drinker or not, you can always find a use for it. So let’s raise a glass to Barbancourt, cheers!

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Kreyolicious in Memoriam | Haiti's Rhum Barbancourt On Board

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