Chapo Ba: Emerante de Pradines

Emerante de PradinesIf the Beaubrun family is the first family of entertainment television, then the de Pradines are their predecessors.

Emerante de Pradines, daughter of the legendary Haitian entertainer Auguste de Pradines, also known as Ti Candio, was born in 1928. She was trained by some of the best dance enthusiasts of her time and developed a passion for Haitian folkloric dancing with European and African influences.

In the late 40s, she earned a scholarship to study dance in New York. After completing her studies, she returned to Haiti and became an active member of the Nationale d’Art Dramatique, an association of stage actors in Haiti.

She was later named director of the Troupe folklorique Nationale, a group dedicated to fostering Haitian culture in the country’s theaters. She was also an active member and actress of the Société Nationale d’Art Dramatique, Haiti’s dramatic arts association.

Emerante married Robert McGee Morse in 1951, an American she had met while studying anthropology at Columbia University. They had a son, Richard, who continued his mother’s legacy by fronting the band RAM with his wife Lunise.

Today, Emerante de Pradines is a national treasure in Haiti, having released several albums that spread the richness of Haiti’s culture worldwide.

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