Comedian Just Gerdy on His Craft

Call him Gerdy. Just Gerdy, okay? But you can also call the comedian who goes by that handle…a model, an actor and keyboard player. Besides comedy, the modern court jester, also hones his skills in other areas.

Don’t say that he’s dipping in too many pitchers of Kool-Aid. He represents the Latter-Day Millennial, gifted at many things, though he’s increasingly being known for his comedy skits.

His comedy skits! Haha! The popularity of the twenty-something Haitian-American comedian has exploded in the past year, thanks to the consistent uploading of comedy videos on Instagram. His brand of comedy draws heavily on his Haitian-American upbringing in Central Florida.

Born and raised in Orlando, Gerdy finds himself inspired by his parents, both of whom were born and raised in La Gonave, Haiti before immigrating to the United States.

Many of his skits are based on the things that happen when parents like his own are bringing up their kids in the United States, but still cling to traditions from the island motherland.

The Orlando-residing digital entrepreneur is currently attending college, where he’s majoring in digital media technology and video production. Go on and read this exchange I had with him.

The next time you watch one of these videos, you’ll have a better perspective of who the person behind the handle is.

Kreyolicious: Tell your fans more about yourself.
Just Gerdy: Behind the curtains and during the night I am a brand ambassador for Pawol 1989 and for Haitian by Popular Demand and etc. I love making people smile and laugh and have a chance to change their mood through the day.

I am a Seventh Day Adventist. I hope one day that my comedy will lead me to be a Haitian-American comedian in Hollywood.

Kreyolicious: When did you realize you were born for comedy?
Just Gerdy: I realized I was born for comedy at the age of sixteen after watching Haitian V and Jonas on YouTube. Seeing that my uncles and family members watch them as well and doing their own mini-skits at family gatherings, but never pursuing it far made me want to be the first to attempt it.

I went from trying it in the mirror and in the shower to actually doing it live and in front of people and to see their reactions made me feel like I was destined for greatness.

Kreyolicious: What usually sparks your ideas for your skits?
Just Gerdy: There is a couple of things that spark my thought process for new skits and ideas such as past scenarios and sometimes just brainstorming on what should I do next .

I rarely piggy back off of other comedians and videos because I really try to stay original and add my own style of comedy in my skits as well as incorporating fan reactions and feedback/suggestions.

Kreyolicious: Have your parents and other family members seen your vids?
Just Gerdy: Family members have seen my videos.

Kreyolicious: What do they think?
Just Gerdy: They feel as if I should live up to my religious standards. I don’t get much support from them only because they feel as if it is a waste of time due to the fact that I would lack support from the Haitian community because they would try to get free shows or attempt to finesse me in some sort of way.

This concludes PART I of the interview with Just Gerdy! Be on the lookout for PART 2. Meanwhile, check out one of his skits below…

If a sociologist were watching the skits created by comedian Just Gerdy on such platforms as Instagram, he or she would probably praise the twenty-something funnyman for his depiction of assimilation of Haitian immigrants in the United States.

Perhaps, the said sociologist would also give props to Gerdy for infusing so much humor in his digital sketches of Haitian-American life. The comedian focuses his humor on the tradition-clinging tendencies of some Haitian parents who are raising their kids in the United States.

When he’s not writing scripts and brainstorming videos, the digital court jester attends classes at a college in Orlando. He’s studying digital media technology/video production and will minor in psychology.

Kreyolicious: Are there comedians who inspire you?
Just Gerdy: There are a few comedians that inspire me. They are but not limited to Haitian V and Haitian Jonas, Chris Tucker, Jim Carey, Will Smith. Haitian V and Jonas are the reason I started [doing] Haitian comedy.

They gave me a booster to try out Haitian comedy and to add my own style and twist to how I shoot and how I react to the scenarios. From there, I realized I wanted Haitians as my foundation of support. Chris Tucker, Jim Carey and Will Smith are all versatile in their work they all encourage me to not be limited or stick to one thing.

They show me how to fluctuate my facial expression and my accent and how much is needed here and there. I take bits and pieces of their work, and try to add it into my own work but in my own style.

Kreyolicious: Do you have a theory as to why you’re such a hit with your followers?
Just Gerdy: Yes, I do have a theory. Basically, I learned what my audience like to see and observing other fellow comedians and try to be as different from them as possible. I also enjoy asking for feedback and what my friends want to see more [of].

Kreyolicous: So, when was the last time you went to da A Y I T I?
Just Gerdy: The last time I went to the Ayiti was when I was eight years old.

Kreyolicious: Where do you see yourself four years from today?
Just Gerdy: I see myself doing what I do now…just ten times better, and [with] a bigger audience.

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