Makendy Orcel – First Haiti-Born Winner In 10 Years of Literary Prize

Makendy Orcel, a Haitian-Canadian writer, made history last month by becoming the first Haiti-born writer in 11 years to receive the prestigious Prix Guilloux prize for a literary work. This is a major achievement in the literary world, and it is especially significant for Haiti, which has a rich literary tradition but has not seen a winner of this prize in over a decade.

Orcel’s book, L’ombre Animale, was selected as the winning work among several books contending for the honor. The book is a sophomore work from the author, published by a reputable publisher. The last time a Haiti-born writer received the Prix Guilloux was in 2005. The writer’s name was Lyonel Trouillot.

This is a significant accomplishment for Makendy Orcel, as it showcases his writing talent and puts Haiti back on the literary map. It is a reminder that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance. The literary community is proud of Makendy Orcel and is looking forward to seeing more of his works in the future.

It also reminds all aspiring writers to keep trying and never give up on their dreams. You may not win a prize the first time, but with continuous effort and dedication, you never know what you might achieve. So, congratulations to Makendy Orcel, and keep reaching for the stars!


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