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Album Review: Michael Guirand Vayb Game Over

Welcome to another edition of Haitian Music Reviews…in which I review music by a Haitian artist/band/group! This is PART II of the Mickael Guirand Vayb Game over album. CLICK HERE if you missed PART I.

Sometimes we get attached to someone, but that person isn’t feeling us all the way, or as much we’d like to. That scenario is the reality in “A mwatye” (Half-Way). What is she holding out for? What sort of emotional trauma did she suffer from the past that causes her to act so lukewarm towards her loving knight? The song that doesn’t tell us. What it does tell us, however, is that the narrator wants her heart to be with him entirely! No half-stepping, thank you very much.

From the first notes of the song “Lanmou Fasil” (Easy Love), I had a feeling that it was going to be a pleasant musical experience. The melody is so sweet and the singer’s delivery is so flawless. The hook is about as contagious as can be. It’s one of those type of love songs that couples will swiftly relate to.

It’s playful with the relationship drama, and makes light of the ups and downs in a relationship. It’s easy love, indeed, when you’re quick to forgive and when you’re fighting for your relationship and not your partner. What a sweet song.

Vayb’s second leader singer Scooby takes charge on “Ou sou tchèk” (You’re Under Surveillance). His style was reminiscent of the group Enposib on this track. But what a sweet ballad about the importance of being persistent when pursuing a love interest.

A string of rejections won’t stop him, not because he’s a stalker, but because she’s made a solid impression on his heart, and he won’t take no, or several nos for an answer. Sounds like those Haitian men at the club in Miami and Brooklyn I’m always hearing about who are overzealous in their flirting and insistence to be danced with!

Thought Game Over was going to be all ballads! No, baby! With “Kite’m vayb” (Let Me Vibe), featuring Haiti-based artist Shabba, a full party takes shape. The beat is wild. Beach party type of music.

Even before listening to “Nou nan lari’a” (We Up in These Streets), I immediately surmised that it was going to be party song. Boy, was I wrong. Turns out it was the album’s socially conscious song. It’s about putting a hard day’s work in, and staying on hustle mode to make it through life.

Finally we have a song called “Ralanti” (Slow Down). Look, I don’t always listen to albums in order, okay. I skip around. This one is a remake of the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee hit track “Despacito”. How interesting that Vayb did a Haitian Creole translation. The track features a guest appearance by singer Oswald. Great teaming.

According to an article in Bustle, 70% of people in the USA have had a one night stand. “One Night Stand”, featuring an artist named Roody Roodboy, is about one such night of debauchery that the narrator wants to grow into a real relationship.

He thought the evening was going to be the usual to him, but love came calling. What an interesting turn of events. The melody on this track is quite memorable.

So “Je Ferai”, “Lanmou Fasil” and “Fo’m alé” are the album’s stand-out songs. “Lanmou Fasil” puts this optimistic and positive spin on love. It’s hard to dismiss it. “Je Ferai” is sung with abandon my both lead singers. “Je Ferai” sounds like a wedding dance song, complete with the man’s vow that he’s ready to do right by the relationship.

It’s hard not to replay this song. “Fo’m alé” doesn’t fall in the romantic category, as it’s about escaping a toxic relationship, but I consider one of the album’s best because of the singer’s delivery.

Earlier, I mentioned how Guirand sits hovering over a gaming table at a casino. Now, it’s obvious that not only does he have a winning hand, but he’s a constant winner at the table, with some cards he can play his way, and a pile of chips stacked up in his favor.

Is there an album or an artist of Haitian descent whose work you’d like for me to review? Hit me up about it!

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