Haitian Music Review: Viktwa, Disip De Gazzman Couleur

The twelve tracks on the album Viktwa (Victory) from the group DiSip De Gazzman Couleur range for hyped-up, danceable numbers to sublime ballads.

Shall we start with the danceable numbers? There’s “Forever”, a track that celebrates true love. Forever’s message is basically this: a man has no purpose without a woman behind him. Lead singer Gazzman Pierre sings:

Mwen pa janm wè’m san ou…
Se bò kote’m mwen jwenn fòs avèk espwa
Mwen pa vle viv san ou

I never see myself without you
Only at your side do I get my hope and strength
I don’t have any intentions of existing without you

Sublime ballad? Well, that would be “Poukisa” (Why Is That). Now, this song would have been a great duet between the lead singer and a female vocalist. But, it works pretty well with singer Richard Cave of Carimi as a duet partner. There is a guitar riff, a syrupy chorus from a female backup singer (apparently the same one who’s on the title track “Viktwa”), and some resplendent lyrics. Resplendent lyrics as in:

Lanmou a kache, kache nan lòt katye
Mwen bouke soufri
Kilè ma jwenn lanmou
Lanmou a kache, kache nan lòt katye
Mwen bouke soufri
Kilè ma jwenn lanmou

Love is hiding, it’s so out of reach
I’m tired of all this ordeal
When will I find love of my own
Love is hiding, it’s so out of reach
I’m tired of all this suffering
When will I get a love of my own

“Mwen bouke soufri”? But why? We soon find out!

Dèfwa, m’ap rele’w pou’m di’w
Mwen sonje’w
Ou di’m sispann anmède’w

Sometimes I call you to let you know
I miss you
And you tell me to stop being a bugaboo

Now, we could look at this song as a song that describes the relationship between an overly devoted boyfriend and an ungrateful girlfriend.

Pi mal ke mwen fè’w
Se renmen’w ak tout kè’m…
Ou menm sa’k fè’w plezi
Se lè’m ap soufri
Lavi poko fini
Yon jou ma jwenn lanmou

The worst I’ve ever done to you
Is love you with all my heart
But you on the other hand, get a kick
Out of seeing me suffer
But life ain’t over yet
One day I’ll find love

Pouki sa
Se mwen ou pa respekte
E ou konnen mwen renmen’w
Bondye pa janm bay pènn san sekou
Lapriyè gen amènn
Je’m gen pou li seche
Sa ki fè mwen menm ou pi maltrete

Why is it
That it’s me you’re disrespecting
God doesn’t give trials without a way out
And you know I love you
There’s not a prayer without an amen
But one day, I’ll be all cried out

So wait, this isn’t the love song of an overly zealous boyfriend? It is a song about a man who can’t seem to understand the word, “No”? Shall we examine the lyrics some more:

Devan tout fanmi’m
Devan zanmi’m
Ou meprize’m doudou
Poukisa se mwen ki pa fe’w anyin
Ou toujou ap imilye cheri

In front of all my kin
In the presence my friends
You give me the cold shoulder
Why am I the one you’re humiliating
And it ain’t like I did you wrong

Normally, when two people are dating, things like this don’t happen…rebuke in front of friends and family, in addition to constant humiliation? Come on…This couldn’t be a relationship that the narrator is describing….unless the narrator of the song is really a stalker…a stalker who can’t take “no” for an answer…who refuses to face the music after rejection.

But no, wait! It’s actually about a relationship!

Ou soti ou pa rantre
Ou pa rele

You go out, and don’t come home
You don’t even bother to call

So they are living in the same house. The narrator isn’t a delusional creep, as I had surmised at first listen. Now he isn’t a creep, but he is clearly not getting the messages that some serious things are about to go down. His girl has lost all respect for him—-

Ou f’èm sa ou vle
Di’m sa ou vle
M’pa replike
Poukisa se mwen
Ki pa fè’w anyin
Ou toujou ap fè kriye

You do what you please to me
You say what you feel like
I don’t talk back
Why is that you’re making me shed tears
When I’m the one who’s done you no wrong

The guy is just not getting the message. This is worse than denial! “Poukisa” sounds like one of those relationships where the chick has already deserted the dude emotionally, but her physical self is still there. He sees the behavioral changes, but just doesn’t fully comprehend what’s going on!

How refreshing is it to hear a song like “Madanm Mwen Mèt Pa Bon” (So What If My Girl Is No Good). Females will defend no-good men, but rarely will you see men do the same with their girls! Enter “Madanm Mwen Met Pa Bon”. Here’s how the story goes: friends and co-horts are constantly whispering in the ears of the narrator, bringing grievances about his girl to him, but he won’t hear of it.

Se pa li menm ka’p chanje le mond
She’s not here to change the world

But there’s more! Here’s what he tells the well-meaning (or so we think) busybodies:

Mwen pa mete pyès moun siviye madanm mwen

I don’t remember giving a wife surveillance job to anyone

He’s so convinced that his girl is as pure as the driven snow, or maybe not, as he’s come to the conclusion that the backbiters and gossipers have ulterior motives:

Gade nèg k’ap tcheke madan mwen
Look at all these dudes checking out my girl

This song really hits a comical high when the narrator says wryly, that, who cares if his girl’s virtue is of dubious nature—at least she’ll cook and give him a little plate of food! This same humor permeates through the song “Pour Le Meilleur Et Pour Le Pire” (For Better, For Worse), a half-serious, a half-humorous look at marriage vows. “Sweet Love”, featuring an artist who goes by the name T-Pachou, comes accompanied with a sugar-cane sweet melody and relatable lyrics.

The music gets pretty serious with “Urgence” (Urgency), a track that speaks out against societal ills, corruption, and complacence. “Leader” sets itself apart by being a rambunctious, overly-hyped number. The track would be great background music for a business entrepreneur convention conference. Its message is clear: not everyone was made to be a leader. It takes gumption, self-sacrifice, and most of all, resilience.

As he did with “Sweet Love”, and “Poukisa”, the band leader teams up with the lead singer of another group, Joe Zenny of Kreyol La. Comradeship, indeed. “Banm Bagay La” (Give it To Me) a slice of an aspect of show business life: the one-night stand with the hottest chick following a musical performance.

If there is a song on Viktwa that’s going to stay in the mind of most, it’s “Ekilib” (Equity). But the song is about everything except equity. It’s actually just about the have-nots in Haiti. Here are some snippets from this record:

Gen sa ki san zabri
Tandiske gen lòt ki toutouni…

Some have nowhere to live
Whereas, others go without clothes

Pakèt timoun nan lari
Ak yon twal sal ap siye machinn
Yo san fanmi, yo san zabri
Koman pou’w ta vle pou’m ta ere…

So many kids in the street
With dirty rags on hand, washing cars
They have no one, and nowhere to live
How am I supposed to be happy?

Gen sa ki andikape
Pa mete yo sou kote

There’s even a bridge where the singer rewrites the “Our Father in Heaven” prayer and inserts his concerns about modern life. Speaking of Biblical themes, the song “Judah” is predictably about those who have divided loyalties. It really tries to be upbeat rhythm-wise.

Here the lowdown on this album: “Forever” and “Poukisa” are the most outstanding tracks production and lyrics-wise. “Ekilib” ranks at the top of the most thought-provoking song list, and has one of the best vocal and musical arrangements. In terms of lyrical innovation, the song “Madanm Mwen Mèt Pa Bon” wins hands-down. Viktwa is a victory of sort for the singer Gazzman Pierre. His voice is very distinctive, and he gives all the songs his all.

Come on you guys, let’s show our support for Haitian music! Purchase this record on , , or ask a Haitian mommy or pappy where you can get it at a local store. Be sure to check out the band on and on Check out the band’s website by

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