Haitian By Popular Demand: The Cultural Movement

You probably have seen Haitian By Popular Demand apparel all over Instagram. Mrs. Kiki and her husband JP are the two entrepreneurs behind the clothing line. Mrs. Kiki, who serves as the spokesperson for the brand gave the low-down on her background as well as a glimpse at the workings of the brand.
Haitian By Popular Demand
Kreyolicious: Tell us about your Haitian-American experience?
My husband JP and I [are] both of Haitian descent. He is my partner for the shirts. He was actually born in Haiti. My parents were born there, and I was born in the US. I am in my thirties, (a lady never tells her age right?), but can you believe I have only been to Haiti twice in my life?

Once when I was small, and then just recently [this year]. Needless to say, I absolutely love our culture. The music, the food, the pride, the people, the language…just everything. I understand Creole very well. Unfortunately, my speaking [of it] is poor, which I have decided to change.

I will be taking study classes to be more fluent, and in French as well. I try to attend many cultural events just because I love to be around cultured individuals not only of Haitian descent but any…that share similar interest. [The] same vibes and energies attract.

Kreyolicious: What attracted you to entrepreneurship?
Mrs. Kiki: I was raised by a single parent, my mother. I looked at how she provided for me and my brother with no help, and made sure we were always dressed nice, had everything we wanted, and had the best education.

So from that, it just came natural for me to understand that being an entrepreneur is a great idea. More sources of income is always best to raise a family.

Kreyolicious: Your Haitian by Popular Demand shirt seems to be everywhere. How did the idea come about?
Mrs. Kiki: Well, I was initially working with a company that was selling shirts, just helping [them with] advertising. Then, I thought to myself, since I have many connections with different people, why not create something catchy and sell for myself.

It took me about a week to think up something catchy, that [would] reflect [my] cultural [heritage] through colors and words. Vibrant is what I wanted to go for, and I think our shirts speaks for itself.
Haitian by Popular demand shirts
Kreyolicious: Have you visited Haiti lately?
Mrs. Kiki: I have been to Haiti for the first Spring Break Haiti event in [March of this year]. We stayed at the Decameron, but I had family and friends take me around haiti, up the mountains, walked the streets, shop in the small shops, eat the food from the little mami’s cooking on the side of the street.

It’s then that I fell deeply in love with Haiti. Once I came back, I was already looking to visit [again].

Kreyolicious: What words of wisdom would you give to a new entrepreneur?
Mrs. Kiki: My favorite quote: “If you wait for everything to be perfect, you will never start!” So, what are you waiting for?” Too many times we let opportunities pass us because we are waiting for the right time, but why isn’t right now the right time!
Haitian By Popular Demand kids
Kreyolicious: What’s next for you?
Mrs. Kiki: I am looking to start making different eye-catching apparel for the our Haitian people…towels, bathing suits, track suits, kid’s wear, men’s and women’s [wear]. Stay tuned. Years ago, some weren’t too proud to say they were Haitians.

But [in] this day and age, I see more people are proud. They are supporting each other, and trying to build with each other, so I feel like our time is now!

We also be doing fundraisers, feeding the poor, and finding ways to give back to our community. Our goal is to make sure when someone mentions our names or [tag line] Haitian By Popular Demand. Their whole vibes and energy uplifts. Proud Zoes.

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