Blogger Tiffany Lohier Uses Blogging To Redefine Haiti’s Image

Blogger Tiffany Lohier has an interesting background. The Haitian-American was born in New York, but was sent to Haiti to live until the age of twelve. Then, she moved to Montreal, Canada, where she’s currently based. She hasn’t erased her links to Haiti.

She has been going back to the island twice a year for the past four years and hopes to launch a business in Haiti some day. Meanwhile, she’s using her blog My Haiti My Vision to repaint negative perceptions of Haiti. She hopes to use her connections to Haiti to bring more travelers to the island.

Kreyolicious: What made you take up blogging?
Tiffany Lohier: My mom, since I was confused on what I wanted to do with my life, she told me that I needed to do something that made me happy. I love writing. She suggested that I should go into translation, writing and then she was like, “Oh, why don’t you start a blog”.

Then on Haitian Flag day this year, I noticed that I had several tweets about Haiti over the years. So, I decided that if I do a blog, Haiti will be my subject, and that’s what I did.
My Haiti My Vision Tiffany Lohier
Kreyolicious: Why that name for your blog?
Tiffany Lohier: The name of my blog is My Haiti, My vision because I want people to understand that when I go to Haiti, this is how I see it. I am aware that I may be more privileged than other people so I don’t want my readers to think this is a Haitian reality for every single one of us.

However, I want people to stop being surprised when I show them something beautiful about Haiti. Just like there’s a bad side, there’s also a good one, and it seems like people take an interest in constantly showing the negative. Haiti is beautiful, and I want the world to know that.

Kreyolicious: What subject did you learn in school that has helped you with blogging and content creation?
Tiffany Lohier: I guess basic French/English classes on how to write a good paper. I also finished a program in Administration so the “Word Course” really helped when it came to knowing my gadgets and how to make it work. Overall, I learn as I go. YouTube also helps a lot.

My Haiti My Vision Tiffany Lohier Gaetjens writer
Kreyolicious: What role do you see the digital space playing in helping Haitian-Americans connect with Haiti?
Tiffany Lohier: It plays a big part for most Haitians-Americans that never been and want to go. The ones that used to [go] and don’t anymore because of bad publicity. This way we get the chance to show what they’ve been missing out on.

It helps them reconnect with their roots and who knows maybe they’ll actually want to come to Haiti, and start making a difference.

Kreyolicious: What’s next for you?
Tiffany Lohier: I honestly have no idea, my world revolves around Haïti, all I can say is that career wise it will be related to Haïti.

Next year, I’m thinking about taking 4 of my readers to Haïti so they can experience it differently with me. Hopefully, I can make it constant, be an official guide for tourists, who knows!

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