An Interview With The Youtuber Behind DXLYN Vlogs

Haitian-American blogger Darksline Policard is the name and voice behind the popular channel DXLYN Vlogs. She’s created a solid platform by tackling subjects are varied as natural hair, family life, marriage, and culture. To be a Youtuber, one has to have a degree of boldness, and Policard exudes fearlessness when broadcasting her life to her fans. They respect her and follow her because they appreciate her openness.

Kreyolicious: Making too much of one’s life public has proven to be detrimental to some. How do you keep a sense of balance where you’re open with your fans, but at the same time maintain a sense of a private life?
I try not to share anything thing that would make me or my immediate family uncomfortable. If my husband is uncomfortable, it’s a no. If I feel figuratively naked, it’s a no. Because not everyone who watches is a fan.

Kreyolicious: Girl, you been to the A-Y-I-T-I?
Of course! I was born and raised there. I plan on taking my husband and sons very soon. They have never been I know they will love my homeland as much as I do.

Kreyolicious: How do you stay connected to Haitian-American culture?
I have to make a lot of effort to do so. One recent effort was relocating to an area where Haitian culture is accessible, from the food to the music and people. On social media, I follow several pages that promote the culture while educating Haitian and non-Haitians about our rich heritage.

Kreyolicious: There’s this one video that you have…the DNA Test…what inspired it?
It was my middle son, actually. He has a light complexion. At that time he was a newborn and people would ask if he was mixed, we would joke and say yes. He is mixed with black and more black. My husband and I wanted to do the ancestry DNA test for fun and curiosity (of course we are black, but wanted to see the African countries).

We decided to record and share it. Our results were really close with the African percentage and the European percentage. He even has a spot of Native American in there. We saw it as a way to say although I am Haitian and He’s American, we are one in the same. We just have have different cultures that make us unique. We want our sons to grow up knowing that and being proud of all the makes them who they are. The comments under that video are nothing less than entertaining.

Kreyolicious: What do you hope to do next with your career?
As far as YouTube I hope to just keep elevating, being inspired and inspiring. Outside of YouTube I hope to actually use my degree, earn higher degrees and open at least one business that I can leave to my children. There’s a lot in the works.

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Kreyolicious in Memoriam | An Interview With The Youtuber Behind DXLYN Vlogs

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