An Interview With Boe, The Haitian-American Co-Host of The Zoe View Podcast, PART II

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FAMU graduate Boe of the Haitian-American podcast show The Zoe View podcast has made it his business to encourage conversations among Haitian-Americans about everything from long-distance relationships, to discuss mental health counseling, to healing from a Caribbean upbringing, to .
zoe view podcast Haitian American podcast Haitian
Sometimes he has his co-host Ti Marie-Anne discussing these issues. Other times, he brings in experts like Dr. Keke to discuss .

Kreyolicious: Why do you think a podcast like The Zoe View is important to have?
Boe: I think Zoe view podcast is important because We try to bring a little more of the Caribbean culture/ idea into the podcast world.
Zoe View Podcast Haitian American podcast
Above: Boe with his co-host Ti Marie-Anne bonding at Taste of Haiti earlier this year.

Kreyolicious: Besides your own, what other podcasts do you listen to?
Boe: I love listening to other podcast. I listen to almost everyday. They motivate and inspire me to keep podcasting. A few favorites: The John Effect podcast, iHeartMiko podcast, , Tax Season Podcast, New Geechee podcast, Ask Aja Podcast, The Joe Budden podcast, , . I can go on and on.

Kreyolicious: What’s your fave episode so far?
Boe: Episode #23 titled “Lesbians and DMs” some friends in LGBTQ community scare there experiences and educate us on a community that Is kind of taboo in Haitians world. In Episode #28 titled Dominican Republic and Haiti: Same Island”, we educate the listeners on two side of the same island. Episode #52 titled “It’s Okay to Cry” was a very vulnerable episode. I honestly didn’t want to do that episode, but it was important for my co-host to share, so I had to support and share with her. Very therapeutic episode.

Kreyolicious: You been to Haiti lately?
Boe: Plan on visiting Haiti later this year. Super excited.

Kreyolicious: What’s next for you and the podcast?
Boe: My goal for the podcast is to continue to be consistent, provide more content on our new YouTube channel. I am running the at the end of the year, and plan on sharing my journey. We plan on putting out some Zoe View Podcast fan gear like maybe shirts, hats, etc.

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