An Interview With Boe, The Haitian-American Co-Host of The Zoe View Podcast, PART I

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Are you among those who feel that podcasters should leave the digital air wave and leave all the talking and pontification to traditional radio hosts? Well, sorry, that it isn’t going to happen. New podcasts are everyday. Podcasts are only getting to the point where traditional radio is getting pointers from the medium, and radio pundits are developing podcasts in addition to their platforms Get with ! Boe of The Zoe View Podcast is among those who are stepping into the digital arena, and using it to educate others. In his case, he’s making use of technology to spread knowledge about Haiti and initiate community dialogues among Millennial Haitian-Americans. The Central Miami High School and FAMU grad (he has a degree in Accounting, thank you very much), is one-half of the popular Haitian-American podcast, and hosts the culture-rich show with his cohort Ti Marie-Anne.
Zoe View Podcast Haitian American Podcast
Let’s get to know the digital entrepreneur and learn more about The Zoe View Podcast and its mission. Let’s go, ti moun yo!

Kreyolicious: What do you remember of your childhood?
Boe: I was born in Haiti moved over to the States when about 9, so I been in [the United States of] America most of my life. My childhood growing up Haitian in Miami, Florida was very interesting. I remember being bullied at first just for being Haitian from Haiti, folks us to make fun about me having an accent and the close I was wearing because my family didn’t have much when we first came. But also later on, that same accent they made fun of me for having helped me get the girls in school. Shoutout to the women that love island men. I also remember being [at the] top of my class in math because math is the same around the world. But…also being at the bottom of my class in reading because it was difficult for me, at first, understanding English language.
Zoe View Podcast Haitian American Podcasts
Kreyolicious: How did The Zoe View come into being?
Boe: The podcast early on was something me and my co-host Marie-Anne had been talking about doing for months. Just like anyone, we were a little scared to put it out at first. But we got over it, and just took a leap of faith started it. We were also inspired by some of our personal favorite podcasters.

Kreyolicious: What’s it like preparing for an episode?
Boe: I personally don’t “prepare” for each episode. Things happens everyday around the world and life happens. There is always something to talk about before each episode. But I do have to thank our podcast listeners because they would tag us on things off social media they would like us to talk on the podcast every week, which is a big part of our preparation [process].

Kreyolicious: From what you can see, what do you think the digital space has contributed to changing Haiti’s image in the eyes of many?
Boe: This digital space has helped change Haiti’s image to the world in a positive way tremendously! From [those of] us [who] do podcasts to other Haitians [who are] blogging and vlogging, and especially Haitian Twitter. They really pushing the Haitian culture forward.

This concludes PART I of the interview with Boe the co-host of The Zoe View Podcast. While you wait for PART II, check out the links below!

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