Wanito’s Vyolans Domestik A Much-Needed Visual for Anti-Violence Against Women in Haiti (and Elsewhere)

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Singer-songwriter Wanito was keeping a low-profile for the latter part of this year. The one-time Peace Tones performer renewed his ties with fans with “Reyaktive”, but the song that will mark this year for him is “Vyolans Domestik”, his guitar-tinged anthem against physical assaults against women in Haiti.
Wanito Vyolans Domestik
Haiti, like many parts of the world, has a domestic violence problem.

Yes, indeed. Haiti got 99 problems, and domestic violence is one. In early October, an actress-mayor was assaulted by her partner in a suburb of Port-au-Prince. This was met by social media outrage, and with the actress-woman-of-state courageously filing charges against her aggressor, but so far there has been no indication that any punitive action was taken. Prior to this, a man visiting Haiti stabbed his wife to death. There were countless reports of physical abuse and deadly violence against Haiti’s women that were not met with the deserved outrage. Education about women’s rights especially among Haiti’s younger set seems to be lacking. So a song like “Vyolans Domestik” will partially do that job. Partially, I say, because that education is something that should be executed routinely.

It isn’t enough to listen to the lyrics, and bob one’s head to the melody. There’s a mind-makeover that needs to be part of a long-term process.

Let it simmer.
Wanito Vyolans Domestik

Songs like “Vyolans Domestik” can go a long way in raising awareness against domestic violence in Haiti and in the Haitian-American community. Wanito apparently knows that too. There’s a telling scene at the 1:38 or so mark, where he confidently leads Haiti’s youths in protest about physical assault and disrespect of women. Both genders are holding up placards and signs, each sign containing a phrase about the feminine struggle. That scene seems to want to say that this re-education process about women’s rights, and their treatment, should start with both sexes, and that the responsibility also lies with both.

You can view the Wanito Vyolans Domestik video below:

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