How Vagesteem and Its Founder Is Helping Spread Female Sexuality Education

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From DC to Atlanta, Vagesteem’s mission to educate women about their bodies, and to address problems and issues about female sexuality, has been drawing crowds with eager ears everywhere. Like the Wow Festival where founder Vanessa Geffrard not only emphasized feminine self-care, but also issues like sexuality, the importance of consent in relationships, but also female-to-female empowerment. The New York-born social and health entrepreneur is of Haitian descent, so of course I’ll be curious as to whether she’s bringing her movement to Port-au-Prince.
Vagesteem interview
Kreyolicious: You are based in Maryland. Did you grow up there as well? What was it like?
I did grow up there. I was born in New York and moved to Maryland when I was five years old. I grew up in Columbia, a suburb, and it was awesome seeing cousins and family come to visit since we were the only ones who moved. We also had a strong Haitian community there, so we still had Haitian parties and food, which was awesome. I currently live in Baltimore City, and I love it. It’s interesting how city neighbors look out for each other, friendly, and really embody community.

Kreyolicious: Have you actually been to Haiti?
Yes! It’s my happy place. My mother is My father , and my mother’s side of the family lives . I’ve been traveling to Haiti since I was a baby. I go almost every year. When I need to make big life decisions, I go to Haiti to get myself together. It’s centering and calming for me. I love it. I’m going next month for my Tatie’s 80th birthday.
Kreyolicious: Any thoughts on having Vagesteem programs or workshops there?
Yes. That’s been something I’ve been envisioning for years and haven’t found the right way to make it work just yet. I’ve been speaking with a few organizations on the ground to work on a sexual health curriculum that is pertinent, speaks to the women there, and aligned with their values.

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