Carel Pedre’s Chokarella New York Takeover Offers Cultural Exchange Between Haiti and Haitian Dyapora: RECAP

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Award-winning multimedia journalist Carel Pedre brought his show Chokarella to the city of New York in a Takeover Series for the months of August-September, and every moment of his introspective series was a cultural revelation of sorts. So get ready for this recap of the Chokarella New York Takeover.
Chokarella New York Takeover Carel Pedre Chokarelle Media
The TV and radio show host hung out with Haitian music legend at a homey restaurant in an obscure area in the streets of Harlem The songstress talked about her career over a vegan meal and some coffee.
Chokarella New York Takeover Carel Pedre Harlem
The award-winning singer-songwriter discussed why she had made New York her home for nearly two decades, as well as how the music industry has changed for artists since she launched her musical career.

One of the most arresting segments from the Takeover Series was the one featuring the launch of Little Haiti BK. Councillwoman Rodneyse Bichotte added some perspective to the event. Pedre also interviewed the owner of Haitian restaurant and hangout spots Anba Tonel, Jensen Desrosiers. Desrosiers, a long-time resident of the area who saw many of New York’s neighborhoods go through a great deal of the cultural changes, gave some historical insight and of the launch of Jean-Jacques Dessalines Boulevard. Moses St. Louis and Rita Joseph were brought later on during the set, and discussed the march of Haitian immigrants, their children and supporters on Brooklyn Bridge to protest the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) banning Haitian residents from giving blood and declaring them as one of five groups responsible .

Things took when Carel Pedre took viewers to take a look at his with Jackson Chery and Manno. There was event a foodie moment, in which the journalist did a kitchen tour with the founder of Cremas Absalom.

Chokarella New York Takeover Carel Pedre

Then there were stops at a barber shop, and Pedre left viewers with a Prospect Avenue street band performance.

Music continued to be a huge part of the Chokarella New York Takeover. So, it isn’t surprising that Michael Brun, Haitian wonder DJ and producer/record label owner, was among Pedre’s guests. Brun discussed his love for the city, his recent move there, and how being in New York is pushing him artistically.

Chokarella New York Takeover

Singer Phyllisia Ross talked about her musical career from the front steps of a Brooklyn brownstone. The Miami-bred performer felt that New York and living in the city has been a plus for her career.
Chokarella New York takeover episodes show

There were light moments too, thanks to Se Joe, Haitian Jonas and Tanael Joachin who all discussed their careers, as well as Youtube’s Creator Space.
Chokarella New York takeover Carel Pedre

Pedre also introduced his viewers to a singer-guitarist by the name of Sarah Thomas. Thomas gave viewers an acoustic performance.

One of Brooklyn’s biggest fashion hot spots and brands The BK Circus was the subject of a segment with its owner Ouigi Theodore.
New York Chokarella Takeover

What’s a trip to New York without at trip to a barber?
Chokarella New York Takeover

And what’s a visit to New York, without a discussion of the Haitian Creole language at the Kreyol Institute.
Chokarella New York Takeover series Carel Pedre

Haitian cuisine and how Haitian-Americans relate to it was explored during the Takeover Series, first through Cremas Absalom, in which the Bronx-based founder Charlene Absalom emphasized the need to diversify Haitian food recipes to reach a wider audience, to a visit at Haitian restaurant Kreyol Flavor.
Chokarella New York Takeover series
Located in the Floatlands neighborhood, the restaurant initially opened in Flatbush, then had a location on Church Avenue, before opening its fourth location. The owner emphasized his restaurant’s commitment to provide patrons with undiluted Haitian cuisine.
Chokarella New York Takeover episodes
The primary aim of the Chokarella Takeovers have always been to first and foremost give viewers outside of Haiti a look at the life of the Haitian Dyaspora (for viewers outside of Haiti), while also giving the Dyaspora deep glances at Haiti. One segment in particular showed how far the Haitian-American community has gone, from being unwanted immigrants to being front and center in New York at places

The Takeover Series is a sort of cultural exchange so to speak. Pedre has held editions in Cap Haitien, Haiti’s second largest city, in addition to several episodes in Haiti’s capital city Port-au-Prince. Look out for an edition at a city near you! Meanwhile…

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