Haiti Planning PetroCaribe Protest On October 17th

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Haitians are taking it to the streets on October 17th. Earlier this year, several popular Haitian notables launched the PetroCaribe Challenge on several social media platforms, requesting accountability for the missing funds that were furnished by Venezuela in a special program in the mid-2000s.
Petrocaribe Protest
The challenge went off-line and spawned what pundits termed the Petrocaribe Protest, including in-person street demonstrations in New York and in other Haitian communities outside of Haiti. It .

October 17th also marks the 212th anniversary of the assassination of Haitian leader and self-proclaimed emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Students are also expected to take part in this march.

Haiti’s National Police has stated that it will be on hand to supervise the march. Its spokesman estimates that about 1500 officers will be dispatched to assure that peace prevails for the expected protest marches.

Less than two weeks ago, Haiti was hit by a 5.9 earthquake that led to more than a dozen dead, over 200 injured, and the collapse of several buildings, including churches. The PetroCaribe Challenge was soon renewed thereafter, with activists demanding to know where funds meant for the improvement of the island had gone, and pressing for judicial intervention.

Traditionally, October 17th is a holiday on the island, and media personalities have speculated that there will be a massive turn-out for the Petrocaribe protest march.

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