11+ Dead, 188+ Injured…Haiti Gets Hit By A 5.9 Earthquake: Everything We Know So Far

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Haiti was hit by an earthquake that has caused the deaths of at least 12 of its residents. Initially, it was said to be a 5.8 on the Richter Scale, but it has since been determined that its actual measurement was 5.9.
Haiti earthquake 2018 Gros Morne
One of the first reports coming directly from Haiti about the disaster came from Kepsen Monestime, a reporter for the news site The journalist confirmed that several cities in Haiti, namely Cap Haitien, Port-au-Prince, and Port-de-Paix.

As more reports came out of the island, it was determined that the most affected areas were Gros Morne, and Port-de-Paix, both of which are more than 130 miles from Haiti’s capital city. said it dispatched medical supplies and personnel in transferring patients to aid transfer injured patients. RFI Reporter, Amelie Baron, who’s on the grounds in Haiti, has indicated that several other medical teams have traveled to northern Haiti in response to the earthquake, including the Haitian Red Cross.

According to Pwoteksyon Sivil, an initiative from Haiti’s Ministry of Interior that raises awareness about national disasters and oversees civil protection, many came out of their homes and spent the night in public places and in the streets, in fear that an aftershock would occur in their sleep.

Frantz Duval, the director of Haiti’s daily , reported 12 deaths and 188 injured as of 11:00 am ET this morning. Baron specified that of the 12 reportedly dead, 8 occured in Port-de-Paix, 3 in Gros-Morne and one in St-Louis du Nord. An estimated 30 homes in Gros Mornes were said to be damaged, according to authorities interviewed by Duval. Other buildings that suffered damage the Saint Michael Church in Plaisance, a town near Cap Haitien.

Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles confirmed that there were 14 injuries reported in Cap Haitien.

Haiti earthquake 2018 Haitian Red Cross Croix Rouge Haitienne
Members of Haiti’s Red Cross Executive team discussing measures to take to help those injured in the 5.9 earthquake.

Early Sunday morning, there were reports that Haiti’s prez Jovenel Moise and Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant were already on the grounds at the disaster areas to get a first-hand survey and perspective of what the residents need moving forward.
Haiti earthquake 2018 response
Above: Haiti prez Jovenel Moise walking through the streets of Gros Morne, with Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant to survey the earthquake’s damages.

A press conference has been announced for later on that afternoon.

Meanwhile, you can watch this footage here of the city of Gros Morne, captured by Voice of America Creole.


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