Behind the Scenes at Chicago’s Only Haitian Restaurant Kizin Creole, Part II

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You live or are traveling in the Chicago area, and you’d like to visit somewhere where you can nurture your ties to Haiti, and maybe get your Haitian food fix. But where? Fear not, Kizin Creole is here. Owner Chef Dan, a veteran of the restaurant scene in the State of Illinois, and his staff will more than take care of you. Not only is his restaurant known for being the hang-out spot for Haitian-Americans, but he also offers authentic Haitian cuisine, including drink favorites like passion fruit and papaya smoothies.
Kizin Creole Chicago Haitian Restaurants Chef Dan
Above: Chef Dan and a member of his staff at Chicago’s only surviving Haitian restaurant Kizin Creole.

The culinarian grew up in Haiti, and worked as a teacher in the island motherland, before immigrating to the United States. He studied business, and after pursuing several entrepreneurial ventures, he launched a career in restaurant consultancy. His work as a restaurant advisor earned him the skills and the know-how to take over a Haitian restaurant that shut down in Chicago ad revamp it as Kizin Creole. Read on to get an overview of Kizin Creole and what Chef Dan has in store for Haitian cuisine.
Haitian restaurant in Chicago Kizin Creole Haitian food
Kreyolicious: What do your customers usually go for when they come to Kizin Creole?
Chef Dan: The most popular items in the menu are the fried pork, the goat with either rice and beans or the black mushroom rice. However, we try to diversify our menu to give customers as much exposure as possible to the Haitian gastronomy.

Kreyolicious: For those who are heading towards Illinois, and want to check out Kizin Creole…what can they look forward to?
Chef Dan: If you ever heading our way, look to be welcomed as family. We consider a customer’s visit to our restaurant is as if someone visits our home. The hospitality will make you feel right at home. We guarantee that you will enjoy fresh, delicious and authentic Haitian cuisine.

This concludes PART II of the article with Chef Dan from Kizin Creole.

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