How Podcaster Genevieve Angelique Gave Black Boston An Online Identity

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Black Boston has a voice, thanks to Genevieve Angelique, one-half of the Black Boston Come Through podcast team. For about an hour and a few minutes each week, the content producer and podcast maven along with her co-host Crystal Chandler chit-chats about the events, happenings, and concerns of her very-much-engaged audience.
Boston Come Through Genevieve Angelique
Kreyolicious: You and your blogging partner are known as the face of Black Boston on the digital space and off-line. At which point did you feel that it would be a good idea to start something like this?
Genevieve Angelique: Boston Come Through actually started off as a weekly blog post on my original blog site, Lagos Days Paris Nights a little over a year and a half ago. I was annoyed by the lack of attention that large-scale events patronized by mostly (or all) black people were ignored by the larger Boston community. Furthermore, I was frustrated by the fact that there was nowhere for the Black community to find out what was going on, and considering how unfriendly this city can be, I decided I wanted to change that. So, I started circulating an events listing which is now a radio/podcast and full-fledged media website!

Kreyolicious: What’s it like behind the scenes of Boston Come Through Radio?
Genevieve Angelique: Behind the scenes of the radio/podcast is a lot of time spent throughout the week preparing for the show. My co-host, Crystal Chandler and I, are discussing possible topics, putting together show rundowns, creating social media graphics, posting to social media (which is a whole job within itself) and troubleshooting any technical difficulties. We air live, and because there’s another show on before us, we literally have 5-10 minutes to log into all our platforms (we broadcast on Facebook Live, and sometimes Instagram as well), get our lighting and our camera angles right and pull ourselves together. Post-show, I’m creating a show description while Crystal uploads the show to all of the different platforms we’re on. We meet often and are in constant communication; there’s so much to do that I’ve started refusing calls and making plans on Wednesdays [Laughter]

Kreyolicious: You are one half of Boston Come Through. How do you handle the creative process?
Genevieve Angelique: The creative process is much different when you have a partner! It’s a lot of bouncing ideas off of each other, providing feedback and definitely compromising. We both have our quirks, but we’re mindful of that. We meet multiple times throughout the week and we check in a lot with each other. At this point, I think I talk to Crystal more than anyone else in my life right now!
Boston Come Through Genevieve Angelique blogger and content producer
Kreyolicious: The thing about the digital space is that you have access to the lives of so many of your colleagues. Do you ever find yourself making comparisons to other digital content creators?
Genevieve Angelique: To be quite honest, all the time! Even if you’re the most confident person, social media can take a negative toll on you. We tend to share only the highlights and the best parts of us (whether real or fabricated) online and therefore, it’s too easy to make assumptions about other’s lives especially in comparison to our own.

Kreyolicious: How do you keep this under control?
Genevieve Angelique: I keep this under control by limiting my time on social media and/or taking breaks altogether. For the month of July, I’m deleting all my apps and living my best life off the grid.

This concludes PART I of the interview with Genevieve Angelique.


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