Louis Eugene Roy, 27th President of Haiti

Louis Eugene Roy

He was elected President of the Republic on April 21, 1930, by the Council of State to organize the legislative and presidential elections. Louis Eugène Roy was a well-known and respected figure in business circles, a man of discreet, compassionate, and gentle character.  The new president was admired by the nationalist bourgeoisie of the upper … Read more

Yanick Étienne died.

Yanick Etienne is dead

Yanick Étienne, a Haitian singer, died on March 30, 2022. “Mistè Lanmou’s” voice had cervical and rare liver cancers. She died at 5 p.m. on Wednesday after being hospitalized and then transferred to a hospice. Her son D-Mile confirmed it on Twitter: “Mom, rest in peace. Love you “. Carole Jean-Gilles, Yanick Etienne’s sister, answered … Read more