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Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Mikaben Fe Lapli Lyrics

Mikaben Fe Lapli Lyrics

Mikaben Fe lapli Lyrics Featuring Kenny Haiti Fèl Fè Lapli, Fè Lapli sou kò mwenJete dlo, oooooo, jete dlo, Oho oh oh Fèl Fè Lapli,

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Ralph Boncy discusses his career

Ralph Boncy discusses his career

Ralph Boncy is a Haitian singer, songwriter, and producer who has made significant contributions to the pop music industry in Haiti. He has had the

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Mikaben MKBN Album Review

Mikaben MKBN Album Review

Mikaben dons a white shirt and a blue denim hoodie. His eyes are fixated somewhere we’re not allowed to look. Framing his head are some

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Ibi Zoboi: Interview with a Writer

Ibi Zoboi: Interview with a Writer

To call writer Ibi Zoboi ‘versatile’ is an understatement. Her pen will write one minute, a short story the next, and a children’s book the

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Chapo Ba: Emerante de Pradines

Chapo Ba: Emerante de Pradines

If the Beaubrun family is the first family of entertainment television, then the de Pradines are their predecessors. Emerante de Pradines, daughter of the legendary

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|The Michael Brun Bayo Tour

The Michael Brun Bayo Tour

It started off with a beat, then some thoughtful lyrics came in, followed by a colorful music video, featuring musical cohorts JPerry and Baky. Now,

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Mickael Guirand Vayb Game Over

Mickael Guirand Vayb Game Over

Album Review: Michael Guirand Vayb Game Over Welcome to another edition of Haitian Music Reviews…in which I review music by a Haitian artist/band/group! This is

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Haitian Music - Kai Champion

Haitian Music – Kai Champion

The song cancer gives novel meaning to the term “power duet”. My goodness. We’ve got singer Rutshelle on one side with her molasses-tinged voice, and

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Comedian Just Gerdy on His Craft

Comedian Just Gerdy on His Craft

Call him Gerdy. Just Gerdy, okay? But you can also call the comedian who goes by that handle…a model, an actor and keyboard player. Besides

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Multimedia Journalist Ashley Jae On Haiti

Multimedia Journalist Ashley Jae On Haiti

Haitian-American journalist Ashley Jae has been to movie premieres, sports events, press junkets, and lifestyle launches. She’s written for media giant The Daily Beast, the

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|How To Do A Haitian Accent?

How To Do A Haitian Accent?

Want to know how to exactly turn all the r’s in the English language into w’s? As in “woom” for “room”? And want to stretch

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Yanick Étienne died.

Yanick Étienne died.

Yanick Étienne, a Haitian singer, died on March 30, 2022. “Mistè Lanmou’s” voice had cervical and rare liver cancer. She died at 5 p.m. on

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Album Review Zenglen No Dead End

Album Review Zenglen No Dead End

Eleven tracks make up No Dead End, and these are all full tracks, no interludes or anything. Each track is loaded with deep grooves and

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|An Interview With Author Ivy Box

An Interview With Author Ivy Box

The self-help manual The 365 Go Get H.E.R.S Guide has just been released by entrepreneur and author Ivy Box. The book is a stylish little

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Princess Eud Signs Record Deal

Princess Eud Signs Record Deal

Haiti rapper Princess Eud signed a deal with music producer and record label mogul Steven Machat late last month. This deal, which also includes management

Kreyolicious in Memoriam|Haitian Music Review: T-Vice, Resan

Haitian Music Review: T-Vice, Resan

Studying konpa music band T-Vice’s musical history, it’s apparent that it’s always been about partying. In Vice World, there isn’t time for tears, it’s one